If you have a long-term vision and would like to have your own device or if you already know you would have several projects coming up, you can acquire the technology through our distributor network or directly through Plumettaz. Our teams will assist you in defining all the requirements and prepare the most suitable offer with regards to your project needs. In addition, the Plumettaz-wide distributor network maintains a close presence to our customers to ensure the right level of help on-site.


Currently only available in The Netherlands

In the event, you have a very specific or one-time project, which you want to use the Watucab system for, Plumettaz offers you the possibility to rent it. You will also benefit from the support and knowledge of our experts. Renting our system will also give you the opportunity to test the technology on your own project. Our distributor network or Plumettaz will guide you through our rental solutions process to ensure you get the solution that best fits your needs.