Starting a project?

First take the time to fill in the attached document (link) to explain us your project installation, with some details such as location, route, any special details etc. We will then do a simulation with our dedicated Jetplanner 4.0 software. This simulation will ensure the Watucab technology can be used for your project installation and be successful. Then we will contact you again to discuss the details and prepare together the next few steps.


Already have a project?

Are you stuck in your project? Let Plumettaz assist you with its Watucab technology and team of experts. It could occur that during your current cable installation with traditional winch technology that you overpass the cable limits. In such case Watucab is the perfect solution to finalize and achieve your project installation. Make sure to contact us and we could work together for a full success of your cable installation. 

Let Plumettaz assist you.

We understand cable installation and the Watucab methodology is based on scientific facts. So, take advantages of Plumettaz know-how in power cable installation and get the best recommendations and practices from our team of experts. Feel free to discuss together with us your project and our experts will give you all the necessary advice and recommendations for a successful power cable installation.