With its patented technology, the Watucab™ system uses water pressure to enable low-force cable installation. This makes it possible to install cables at long distances (of more than 2,000m) in one go and minimizes the need for welds or manholes. It requires only one operator from a single entry point and thus provides an easy and cost-effective means of installing cables. Watucab™ not only brings down the overall cost of civil engineering works, but also offers one of the safest and most reliable cable installation methods available in the industry.  Read more

How does it work?

The Watucab™ system is unique in that it requires water pressure, and no additional tools, to install cables. With it, the cable - with a pulling pig attached to its end - is inserted into the installation pipe, which in turn is connected to the water pressure chamber. Then, by pressurizing the chamber and pushing the cable forward by means of cable feeders, the cable moves forward through the pipe. This leads to significantly lower installation forces when compared to conventional ones such as winching and makes it possible to install longer cables.

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